JDRF links with IQVIA for Type 1 diabetes diagnostic research partnership

JDRF links with IQVIA for Type 1 diabetes diagnostic research partnership
A proper diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes can take years in some cases. Meanwhile, patients may pursue lifestyle changes instead of seeking medical interventions. (Getty Images)

IQVIA is teaming up with JDRF, formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, to help build a real-world research platform aimed at making the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes more accurate and effective.

Currently, among people who develop Type 1 diabetes as an adult, it’s estimated nearly 40% may be first misdiagnosed as having Type 2 or another form of diabetes. 

A proper diagnosis can take years; in the meantime, patients are instructed to pursue lifestyle changes when they may need to seek medical interventions.

The collaboration plans to use anonymized patient data to support its work, and the diagnostics project will lay down the foundation for later programs such as exploring the impact of diabetes treatments and monitoring devices as well as working to optimize drug development efforts and answer other clinical research questions.

The evidence generated by IQVIA and JDRF will be made available for multiple stakeholders, they said. 

Earlier this month, JDRF partnered with diabetes devicemaker Tandem Diabetes Care to pursue new Type 1 diabetes treatment education programs focused on promoting the use of insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and hybrid closed-loop therapies to help improve day-to-day life with the disease.

Source: https://www.fiercebiotech.com